The Smartphone IS the Key

Modern and smart security with AirKey

AirKey makes your life easier and gives you greater independence. With AirKey you can open doors with your smartphone, issue keys via SMS and easily organize your entire master key system. Therefore, AirKey offers you maximum freedom and maximum security - professionally or privately.

AirKey Benefits at a Glance

  • apple-android

    For iPhone and Android: Be it iPhones or Android smartphones, AirKey gives you the choice to unlock your doors.

  • location

    Geo-tagging: Smartphones know where master key system components are located and guide the way using the navigation app.

  • key

    Send a Key: Easily send keys to freelancers or holiday guests as part of push notifications. Including individual texts.

  • handsfree

    Hands free: As you approach, the AirKey component is actuated by Bluetooth. The smartphone can stay in the pocket.

  • component sharing

    Component sharing: Simply transfer the responsibility for master key system components to tenants, e.g. in a shared office to manage them individually.

  • admin

    Multi-Administration: Quickly and easily manage various company sites with several admins.

AirKey has launched - click on your country link or visit our UK site!